Mardi Gras Casino Cross Lanes – The Fun Kids Will Love

The Mardi Gras Casino Cross Lanes in WV is great for family fun, children, and sports-loving adults. The interactive booths are an excellent place to take photos with the children, take a bite to eat, and find out who won the raffle. With over forty games to choose from, there is something for everyone.

mardi gras casino cross lanes wv

Kids will enjoy the Kiddie Bar. It’s fun to watch the kids running through the classic arcades to grab a chance at winning a prize.

If you aren’t bored with the games, check out the complete entertainment package. Some of the games in the Vegas take a step beyond what you would find at most carnivals by featuring dancing elephants, face painting, and sound effects. You may even find yourself singing some of the adult songs that are popular at carnivals.

The food is just as fun and adds to the atmosphere. Choose between the fare that is both Southern and European, or choose the more eclectic cuisine of the Mardi Gras Casino Cross Lanes to get the full experience.

Guests are invited to enjoy a carouse in the Mardi Gras Casino Cross Lanes for family and friends. This fun event provides an opportunity to play a number of fun games such as “Three Legged Race”, “Pie Eating Contest”, and “Clown Car Race”. Of course, don’t forget the chance to win prizes!

The WV State Fair draws thousands of visitors, and the Mardi Gras Casino Cross Lanes is no exception. Visitors come from all over the world to enjoy carnival-style games and attractions.

For those that have always wanted to visit WV, this is a must. For people who want to take their children to the carnival but don’t want to go too far away, this is a great alternative.

Just a short drive from Memphis, the Grand Opera House is another great attraction. Children can visit the “Opera Ring” and enjoy the dinner and dance at “The Swan Lake” while enjoying the evening’s festivities.

If you are in the mood for some traditional carnival activities, check out the WV State Fair during the Mardi Gras Casino Cross Lanes. The family fun will be fun for all ages with its themed booths and activities.

There are many fun activities, including the popular Hot Air Balloon Rides, a KidZone, and the giant bounce house at the WV State Fair. The games are popular and if you have a youngster in tow, there are plenty of contests to participate in.

It’s easy to see why the Mardi Gras Casino Cross Lanes attracts so many people to WV. Families are sure to have a blast here, and adults will find that they are as entertaining as children.

With over sixty rides and four casino’s to choose from, the Mardi Gras Casino Cross Lanes is a fun, festive, and educational venue for family fun. Take the time to visit this exciting festival during your next trip to WV.

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