Mardi Gras Casino Las Vegas Review

The Mardi Gras festival is a religious observance in France, Mexico and New Orleans. People attend parades, parties and other events to celebrate the day of the death of St. Patrick. During this three day long festival, people dress in colorful clothes, carry claret or green drinks, eat traditional food such as pot-roasted chicken, suck on jalapeno peppers and drink black coffee. The celebration ends with a grand parade down the streets of New Orleans.

mardi gras casino las vegas

What can you do in New Orleans during Mardi Gras? Spending your vacation at a Mardi Gras casino could be an exciting idea. If you want to spend your vacation in a different kind of venue, try Las Vegas. A visit to a Mardi Gras casino is fun for everyone.

In Las Vegas, you can also check into a Mardi Gras hotel, complete with a restaurant, meeting rooms, a bar and even a casino floor where you can play blackjack, roulette or video poker. You will be glad to know that most Las Vegas hotels offer handicap accessible rooms. If you plan to use a wheelchair to get around, some hotels provide lifts for use by wheelchairs. Most of these lifts are located near the elevators on the upper floors of the buildings. However, if you are staying at a hotel that does not offer handicap-accessible rooms, you will have to navigate your way around the lobby.

Some of the best amenities in the Las Vegas Strip can be found not in the hotels, but right outside of them. There is a non smoking area just a few blocks away from all of the hotels. If you have a chance, you might want to take a break and go to this area to enjoy the scenery and the quiet. Two queen beds and a non smoking porch are located here. The view is worth taking a look at.

For those who are interested in gambling, the dit Casino Las Vegas has two locations, the Palace Station and the Bellagio. The Palace Station has tables with more than two thousand slots and four hundred cards. This is a very popular attraction with tourists. The Bellagio has a roulette wheel and two hundred plus tables. This is another popular attraction with out of town visitors.

To keep the tourists entertained, the Palace Station offers pool tables and keno machines. There is also a restaurant where you can enjoy some of your favorite French foods. There is a non smoking patio and restrooms. The en van de casino at the Bellagio offers four restaurants, a bar and lounge, a stage and an electronic gaming system.

The other popular attraction at the Palace Station and the other en ik casinos are the huge video screens. The screens are twenty-four feet wide and can show you everything that is going on in the gaming floor. There are musical numbers and dancing performances. There is also a stage show. The service charge for this is less than any other of the other casinos.

For the tourist who is interested in the food, there are over one hundred different restaurants. There is an all day buffet where you can eat at your leisure and have fun listening to live music. You can get some English coffee and also get some of the specialty teas at the op de ditois.

There are many exotic dancing clubs that host exotic parties all the time. There is a theater complex, where you can watch some of the best movies that have been released lately in English. The other attractions include the op de datzo where you can see a real play of a Spanish story; the dit dinzo which are a food festival; the op de Kewp where there is live entertainment from some of Spain’s finest entertainers; and the main hall where there is a concert of tango all day long.

There are also two hotels that have a casino attached to them. They are the Hotel Marriott des Magas and the Hotel Casino de Paris. Both of these hotels are in the heart of town and right near some of the other attractions. The Hotel Marriott is located in very close proximity to the major shopping area on rue Biberos. Just across the street is the Museum of Las Vegas.

The hotel itself has a lot of restaurants on its pages including a very nice buffet that offers a great selection of seafood, meat, vegetables, and other Mediterranean specialties. It also has a bar and lounge that offers a variety of drinks and mixed drinks to please any palate. The casino offers a lot of VIP packages for those that are attending in groups or for family and friends if you want to send a bit of New Orleans culture your way.

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