New Orleans’ Most Famous Attraction

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New Orleans’ Most Famous Attraction

When you stay at Mardi Gras Casino & Resort along Cross Lanes, you will be within a walking shopping area, within a walking distance from Mardi Gras Casino. This four-star hotel is 12.3 miles (19.7 kilometers) from Charleston City Center and two miles (3.2 kilometers) from Ridenour Memorial Park and the city’s airport. There are many dining options at this casino, and you can choose to dine at your hotel’s pool deck or inside their restaurant. There are also many fine restaurants in the shopping center. If you choose to dine at the pool deck, there is an outdoor bar that offers cocktail drinks and appetizers. You can enjoy live music and dancing at night.

Cross Lanes is also known for its wv wine shops, art galleries, and bingo nights. Their food options include sandwiches, shrimp, fish, pasta, salads, burgers and steaks. Their menu offers an extensive array of pasta dishes, seafood selections, poultry dishes, vegetable selections, cheeses, deserts and even some retro snack foods. The WV Wine Trail is located one block away from the Cross Lanes Restaurant. The WV Wine Trail is a great place to go for a sampling of the best WV wine available.

At the Cross Lanes Casino & Resort, there is the Boheme Restaurant, the Tastings Bar, the Irish Pub and the Rose Bar. The Rose Bar offers entertainment by the live bands and DJs as well as great food. The Irish Pub offers dancing nightly and the restaurant offers dancing all day long. The Boheme Restaurant offers a variety of seafood dishes, sandwiches, hamburgers, hot dogs and pasta. The casino offers table games such as Craps, Baccarat, Keno, Black Jack, Roulette and video poker. The casino is considered a “theme park” where you can go to have a total experience with everything to do with greyhound racing, western wear, the arts and much more.

Westend is home to several attractions that include Westend amusement park, The Barnacle Historic Site, The Barnacle Depot, and the Horseshoe River. The attractions in Westend are geared towards families. Children will love the Kidz zone featuring inflatable rides, touch tanks, miniature golf and more for little ones. Adults will find many things to do including the Nite Light Riders, the Demolition derby, the Barnacle Depot Tour, The Great Salt Lake Adventure, The Great Mesothelioma Tea Party, and much more.

There is also The Casino Club Westend that is designed to be a complete casino experience with over 40 tables, live dealers, video poker, roulette, craps and more. The Club offers a special “tea party” each Thursday. Guests are also invited to come on an introductory tour of the casino where they will meet the “card players” and learn more about the “secret” games, and the exciting offers the casino makes to win big.

Cross lanes boasts numerous attractions such as The Amazing Adventures of Jersey Ride: The Thrill Of Life, The Great Train Robbery, The Greatest Show On Earth and many others. Each attraction is designed to take guests on an exciting virtual journey through the city of New Orleans. For those who like shopping, The Big Easy offers a unique shopping experience along the Mississippi River. New Orleans’ culture offers visitors plenty of museums and galleries. You can see work by Louis Armstrong, Elvis, or Mardi Gras.

Guests also have the opportunity to visit many local businesses and boutiques. This includes the Louisiana Shops, which offers unique merchandise, antique giftware and unique paintings. New Orleans’ riverfront location makes it the perfect location for many food festivals. The Louisiana Culinary Institute at the casino’s West End offers culinary training to up-and-coming chefs from around the country.

The casino’s bars, clubs and restaurants offer alcoholic beverages, but not with the same flair as those found in the other casinos. They offer mixed drinks and appetizers. The general public is welcome to sit down at any of the casino’s bars, pubs, clubs and restaurants. But to enjoy the best food, it is best to go during lunchtime and later, after the last dinner. At the casino’s bars, pubs, restaurants and bars, the only drinks served are those available for purchase by the general public. However, guests may bring their own alcohol.

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