Party Planning Tips For The Mardi Gras Casino

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Party Planning Tips For The Mardi Gras Casino

There is no other event on the planet that is as visually amazing as Mardi Gras. The feasts of gold beads, colored beads, plastic-wrapped peanuts, flamboyant masks, colorful skirts and frilly, thin wigs and hats, no other celebration compare to the spectacle that is Mardi Gras. Mardi Gras will be celebrated with great excitement in Florida throughout the next year.

Whether you celebrate at home or at the Mardi Gras Casino, there are a few things that you will want to keep in mind as you prepare for the party. Don’t forget about the food. It’s not just the food that makes a party a big deal but also the food.

The food at any party should be something that not only fills everyone’s stomach but also shows off the talents of the party planners. There is plenty of room for plenty of delicious food. It can be anything from hot dogs and hamburgers to baked ziti. But, don’t make it a traditional Italian dish, try something unique.

For the appetizers, always try to make the casino guests feel welcome in the casino, why not add to the decor by decorating the tables with glow sticks and photo frames? A few dollars worth of decorations will keep everyone busy for hours. It’s a lot cheaper than hiring an orchestra.

If you have people in your party who have never been to Mardi Gras then you should bring out a newspaper and read up on what is happening in the party. See what kind of specials are available. Mardi Gras, like most other party seasons is a time of celebration, fun and good food.

Never send an invitation without a back up form and mailing your casino guests’ full names and address. Do this so that you don’t need to call every single person, only send out the form with the invitation and complete with a return envelope with your return address and personal information.

Keep track of the time of the guests. If the party is more a month away, you don’t want people to arrive half way through or not at all. Tell people that they may arrive at midnight or at their own convenience.

You may send casino guests some of the money they bring with them and a few days before the party, give them a few hundred dollars each, perhaps some candy bars, maybe even a cupcake or two. Some people will go to great lengths to save money at Mardi Gras.

In case you have a surprise guest and they are unavailable the day of the party, try to set the date of their arrival a few days in advance. Usually, a week before being sufficient. If they are coming in through a gaming area, you can let them know ahead of time who they are playing for.

Always take the casino guests with you when you arrive. After all, why would anyone want to travel overseas for nothing? There are plenty of cheap flights out of the country for these days.

With so many of these parties around, you’ll never run out of ideas for what you can do with the party and how you can entertain your guests. But above all, have fun.

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