Planning a Mardi Gras Casino And Resort Trip to West Virginia?

mardi gras casino and resort west virginia

Planning a Mardi Gras Casino And Resort Trip to West Virginia?

There’s a lot of Mardi Gras fun to be had at West Virginia’s largest casino and resort. The annual celebration of Fat Tuesday is Mardi Gras’ biggest day, a huge party that breaks out with parades, music, food, and beads. This year, you can celebrate just as we prepare for the festivities by booking your trip to West Virginia’s premier party destination. Why head to sunny West Virginia? Here are three reasons:

A Mardi Gras festival in West Virginia is a fun and festive way to spend the evening. Celebrated for its rich history and colorful culture, West Virginia is the perfect place to experience the colorful tradition of Louisiana Mardi Gras. During the night, the casino offers live parades of floats representing the many Orleans musical groups that will be there that night. After nightfall, there are dance parties, carnival-style performances, and authentic carnival treats for every member of your family.

While there are bars and restaurants throughout West Virginia, you’ll want to take in the main event: the grand parade. Watch as parades of floats, cars, and other street entertainers make their way through the streets of what is one of the most colorful regions in the U.S. The parade passes through Covington and lies down south of the Southern Cross Road, where it merges with the Potomac River. You’ll get to watch some historic landmarks, as well as parades of historical figures such as Senator Robert Kennedy and his wife, John Kennedy, as well as other prominent people in the region.

West Virginia is known for its phenomenal food. And, as is the case at any Mardi Gras party, nothing goes left untouched. Choose from traditional barbeque fare or go all out with something such as a shrimp recipe catered by a top New Orleans chef. West Virginia’s finest hotels and restaurants offer special menu options that incorporate regional flavors into their offerings. Enjoy West Virginia’s rich cuisine and party like you’ve never party before!

Another option for throwing a Mardi Gras party in West Virginia is the casino! If you’re looking to inject some fun into your party, try the casino. Visit one of the casinos in the area before the big day, and pay attention to how they promote their event. Some host a party just days before the Grand parade, and others use the weekend to turn what was once a favorite vacation spot into the party capital of the United States.

Before booking your reservation at a West Virginia casino, however, be sure to check with the property on which you’re planning to throw your party to find out what they do and don’t allow at the property. Some properties do not allow children of certain ages, for example. Most importantly, make sure you have the number of guests that you think you’ll need, because it’s best to have more people at the casino door than you had initially planned, especially if you get wind up in an accident on the way to the party!

A trip to historic Charleston is also well worth taking when planning your trip to this picturesque southern town. Take a leisurely stroll through the streets that ring the town during the Christmas season. The Market Street Experience offers shoppers a chance to experience the sights and sounds of a town square with live entertainment. In addition to Market Street, Charleston is home to the Blue Ridge Parkway, one of the most beautiful and challenging hiking trails in the country! Hike your own trail, or let the kids go hiking with you; it’ll be a refreshing change of pace from the adult-oriented attractions of the city!

To top off your Mardi Gras celebrations, head to one of the many bars and restaurants in downtown Charleston. You’ll find a plethora of classy watering holes serving everything from $4 Happy Nails to $8 Coney Island-style slashes. Afterward, treat yourself to one of the many locally sourced restaurants or take in one of the many comedy clubs. West Virginians is famous for welcoming guests with a warm, welcoming hand, so make sure to come back again to experience the many facets of this fascinating city!

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